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Instantaneous, diversified, shocking, funny … there are as many different ways of consuming news as there are news topics. Every day, thousands of news items are distributed on the net, and the further we advance into our era, the more submerged in this veritable flood of news items, stories, reports and opinion pieces, etc. we become. The real quality of news is measured differently by each reader, which is why it is becoming increasingly important for the reader, who is the actual consumer of the information, to know where the news comes from, what its brand is and who authored it, etc., so that they can better assimilate it, make use of it and share it.

24matins.uk, a general media service operated by ADN CONTENTS, presents news information in dedicated categories such as sport, cinema, music, people and technology in a simple, efficient and effective manner. 24matins.uk also provides more general type news, such as international stories and information from the worlds of politics, the environment and the economy.

Created by Benjamin Romei, 24matins.uk is the latest addition to the series of websites operated by the agency.

The website 24matins.uk is published by ADN CONTENTS, a simplified joint-stock company with a 400,000 euro capital, registered to the Mulhouse Register of Commerce and Companies under the number RCS MULHOUSE B 790 946 867.
Represented by Benjamin Romei, whose head office is at 2 passage de l’hotel de ville 68100 Mulhouse.

The Managing Editor is Benjamin Romei, head of publishing.

RVOLA Studio is the service provider ensuring the development and maintenance of the site. Netsample is the service provider hosting the site, at 9 rue Maurice Ravel 34830 Clapiers – France.



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The same is true for RSS feeds and newsletters. Those wishing to utilize all or part of the site content for professional or commercial use, and in particular, RSS feeds, are invited to write contact(@)adncontents.com with the subject: “24matins Syndication”.

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The head of data processing is Benjamin Romei.

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